The Peace Wand - Amethyst
The Peace Wand - Amethyst
The Peace Wand - Amethyst

The Peace Wand - Amethyst

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  • Our Amethyst Peace Wand is used to attract and promote more Peace in your life.
  • Amethyst represents a calming stone that provides balance, calm, patience, and peace.
  • When used, this wand will help focus your mind on clarity to prevent overthinking and stress.


Wands are good to hold when we need focus or clarity. Wands are also used in crystal healing to direct healing energy. The type of crystal you choose will also bring that particular crystal's properties. A wand pointed away from the body will tend to draw energy away and a wand or point pointed towards the body will tend to channel energy in. "Universal energy" rather than your own energy is focussed down the wand and through the point.


  • Material: Natural
  • 57g Amethyst Crystal Want
  • Length: approx. 115-120mm

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    The Peace Wand - Amethyst